Measles Virus

411 About Measles

This site will provide you with some basic information about measles.  This virus is both fascinating and deadly!

My Health Outreach Project

This is my Health Outreach Project, produced as an assignment for Ms. La's 7th Grade Health class at Stanford Middle School.  It is not intended to replace the advice of your doctor!

Meet Your Host

This informational site was researched, authored, and presented by Doctor Sam.

Doctor Sam

Not Really a Physician But Looks Good In A Lab Coat

In 2nd grade, Dr. Sam researched the benefits of washing with soap and hot water to break down grease.  This Science experiment won first place at the local district Science Fair.  This sparked Dr. Sam's interest in biological matters. Soon Dr. Sam would begin to conduct extensive research on genetics and bio-engineering for a Science Fair entry, which was published as Bio-Engineering:  Helping Hand or Pandora's Box?  This measles web-site is another way that Dr. Sam is reaching out to support the community and to help create health awareness.

Dr. Sam

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